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09/05/2015 --- UPDATE: A Lesson in FAILURE it's been several months since I updated this page. My favorite band as a child was the rock group KISS. I took a lot of shit supporting them. People used to laugh at them, saying they'd never amount to anything. When I was growing up in the Seventies there were people, a psuedo parent and others, who consistently told me to stop dreaming, that I'd never be an artist, that it was a waste of time. I didn't listen to them and, quite frankly, I hated them and their attitude, and that hate drove me to become a most talented artist and graphic designer... if I do say so myself. Much better than drugs or alcohol is the good and proper use of hate and anger. Fuel for the fire!

Those same people laughed behind my back when I joined the Marines. I made it through and got my DD214 with an Honorable Discharge.

Years later, the world turned once more against me and I found myself homeless on the streets of San Diego. People told me I was a slacker and a bum, I'd never make it. I should just give in, beg for cash, get drunk, and accept reality.

Shortly after I made it off the streets it was discovered that I had a brain tumor that had been affecting me all along. I had the tumor removed. I've lived with treatment and I've moved on with the dream of one day doing great things in art and music.

Just as recently as 2013 I ran a failed Kickstarter campaign followed by a heart attack, the installation of a pacemaker/defibrillator, and lots of recovery time. As this event occured I kept acquiring studio equipment until I found myself with a full blown recording studio, guitars, basses, microphones, everything. It is at this point in time that I am now hearing AGAIN, from those I consider friends this time, the voices telling me to stop recording music, that I'll never succeed at it, and that it's a waste of time to pursue any dream that includes music. I've been told I should create a Last Will and Testament.

To date, I have nothing to show for my efforts on earth. You may, by all rights, call me a failure but as Paul Stanley of KISS said, I live to win. Joining me in this fantastic record of failure is my friend and love Erin Black. Together the world knows not what we are doing and could care less. She is an outstanding photographer who earned a degree from SCAD in the old tradition of photography, before photoshop, where you mix light and chemicals and get your hands dirty. The world is telling her to rise no higher than a bartender, but I see so much more.

I have cleared the table of the tonal and swept the table of the Nagual. Tomorrow I will again go against what all people are telling me to do and I will plug in my guitar and record music. I start at the bottom. I start with failure whispering in one ear and death laughing in the other. Me and Erin are already AT the bottom.

When me and Erin reach the top I will remember the people who supported our efforts in art, music, video, and photography. Those people I meet and talk with on Patreon and I call them my patrons and love them all. We are a Plague of Smiles. All others can suck shit down their windpipes, suffocate, and disappear. That's putting it mildly. You know who you are.

Erin Black, Photography


Kenneth David Bryon Webber is an opinionated artist, animator, and musician for Plague of Smiles. You are at the beginning, the start. There is no stage filled with smoke and bright lights. Do not expect to ever buy tickets to a Plague of Smiles live show. I have no paparazzi hiding in my bushes. I don’t even have a team of people answering my tweets for me!

Think low key, humble, down-to-earth, someone you can talk to.  We all know the world is a screwed up place.  My way of coping with the bad things in life has always been to turn to art and music.  I believe it’s far better to be a “survivor” as opposed to being a “victim.”  If Plague succeeds at all it will be because you realize and understand that the art and music I’m doing cannot follow a traditional, mainstream,  Rockstar, business formula.  Plague of Smiles can only exist when a new dark breed of like-minded “survivors” decide to support our efforts.  One smile at a time begins with YOU, from humble beginnings... to who knows?

Maybe, if Plague is lucky, we will build a multi-gazillion dollar music publishing empire together and win great awards so that Kanye will one day step on our stage and hand them over to Beyonce while we bow down in unworthiness and give golf claps to their artistry and genius. "All hail Beyonce!"


Thank you all for whatever it is that you’re doing to spread the Plague! I hope to keep you entertained and amused with whatever current project I'm involved with.


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