Contacting Ken



Ken D. Webber, CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC

Introductions, Explanations, and Invitations

04/12/14 --- This used to be a website. Not sure what I'm going to do with it. The party has moved, that much is certain. Nowadays I'm found mostly on Patreon and Twitter @KenDWebber (Facebook for my friends and family). I still have a Press link at left that acts as a filter, separating real people from posers and cheap wannabes.



So what's going on at Patreon?

  • Monthly (give or take) music videos
  • Mp3 downloads of our songs
  • Access to our Patreon ONLY stream/blog/diary
  • Exclusive merchandise and digital rewards
  • Two Guitar contests in tiers you can afford
  • Monthly giveaway drawings
  • Background info and all of Plague's Secrets
  • an entire community of like-minded people
  • Press Photos for the Press


or at the very least... log online at Twitter and RETWEET one or all of the following tweets!








All art, music, card designs, design, writing, animation, works on film, and merchandise copyright 2013 by Ken D. Webber; All Rights Reserved. TRUTH and MAAT are the trademark names of my guitar design series and my pyramidal amplifier series. Plague of Smiles is the trademark name of my musical group, Plague of Smiles LLC