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Thanks for visiting my Diary, Awesome!

2017 --- There's always a plan. You're here to learn from the inner workings of my plan to improve your own game.

MY PLAN: Record music for the next three years with the goal of creating one song every week. Then switch gears and paint for one year, creating one 6" X 6" oil painting on wood panel every day. I'll document my progress here. Since this is a diary, the best way to read it, if you haven't been keeping up, is to go to the bottom of the page and scroll up.

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8/16/2017 --- Just had a major accident occur in Ableton Live. I save along the way but luckily, yes LUCKILY, I had not saved this time. In resampling tracks I mistakenly recorded the wrong track and then erased the master of that track and had done too many operations to undo. So I closed without saving and reopened and luckily I was only a bit behind but I do indeed have to remix the guitar tracks and that is going to be... tricky. To take the edge off the stress I shut down and watched Scarlett Johansson in the movie Ghost in the Shell. I don't give two shits whether she is Asian or not or about any sort of "robotic racism." You nerds complaining about that are missing a GREAT movie. I'm going to be watching this one again and again and again. It reminds me of... heaven, although I greatly love my own particular timeline.

So I got the basic guitar tracks down. I may have to NOT work tomorrow. When you work long hours on music you develop a dangerous sort of ear hypnosis. Your ear is telling it's "a great song Ken!" But that is just because you've burnt it into your neural network. Everyone else hears crap. So tomorrow my work is to NOT work but instead clean my house, listen to other musicians, maybe read a book, and let my ears come back to normal. That's IF I can stop myself. Ableton Live is soooooooo addictive!!!

8/15/2017 --- Got some tedious work done on "Miles" last night and tonight since tonight is actually the continuation of last night. I've been awake for about 30 hours straight. My feet are swollen so I know I pushed it too far. Recording music is so addictive when you really get into it. Since the heart attack and packemaker my heart only beats at 30% efficiency and when it's had too much it makes my feet look like balloons. I'm hoping yesterday's coffee wears off soon. I'm charging up my ipad so I can sleep a good while and wake to more coffee. I have nothing to do tomorrow except lay down some lead guitar tracks.

8/11/2017 --- One of the things I do when I'm down and I need some inspiration is to change my state of mind. Tony Robbins reminded me / of what Carlos Castaneda learned / from the sorcerer Don Juan - who told his students to "wipe the table of the Tonal, wipe the table of the Nagual!" You have to change your state of mind. Which is why I decided to watch the FANTASTIC movie "Miles Ahead." And the minute that movie was over I turned on my recording system and got back into it. So... THANK YOU MILES DAVIS, wherever you are in spirit! And thank you Don Cheadle and supporting cast for bringing his soul to life.

Now the song I'm working on has the working title of "Miles" but that's not Miles Davis. I get my title from a song by The Cure in which Robert Smith sings "miles, and miles, and miles away from home again." I've previously done some work on this song and it turned into "A Song for Carolyn" because every time I hear that song it reminds me of her and how I completely fucked up. But taking a page from Michael Jackson I stole the front quarter of my own song, consolidated the tracks in Ableton Live, and then reversed them. I then used that as a background sort of scratch tape to layer other instruments upon. I used my ear and marked out the notes on the keyboard that belonged in the song. Using an online generator I discovered my song is in the key of A#major. And why it sounds sad in a major key?! Fuck if I know. All I know is my ear tells me when I have notes that shouldn't be there so I end up with a sad sounding A#major in 5/4 time type of song. The beer also helps with my state of mind. I don't run away from sadness. It takes me places where things need to be said. I also have no clue what the time signature means but my ear tells me it's better than 4/4 for this particular song. In my head I see couples dancing in reverse, (which would mean the woman is leading and the man is going backwards) back to a haunted house at 513 E. Congress Street to a time when I was young and in love with two different women.

8/08/2017 --- First of all, there's been a change on this page. The opening video for Paranormal Strangeness is now live. It's posted above. I have decided to end the Kickstarter project because no one seems to give two shits and most Kickstarter musicians are not raising enough money to do anything meaningful at all. I'm hoping Kickstarter is not becoming the next MySpace but it's entirely possible. I will continue to add songs to Paranormal Strangeness on Bandcamp and continue with my plan outlined in red type above. Click the Paranormal Strangeness video and enjoy. Purchase the download here.

7/31/2017 --- Jennifer Batten just announced her latest CD release on Twitter and Youtube so I can reveal to you now the fifth SECRET fingerboard design I created for her Neck Illusions series. Marc is a FANTASTIC singer with huge range and emotion and fits Jennifer's playing perfectly. I can't wait for the CD to be released! It is called BattleZone. They're not allowing you to embed the Youtube player yet but you can hear a teaser of what the CD sounds like HERE. Click the image below to see an enlargement of the fingerboard.

a custom fingerboard for guitarists

7/26/2017 --- This is my first keyboard design, for a 49 keyboard set from Keyboard Illusions, although this is not for sale at the moment. It's my own custom design that I'm going to put on my Axiom MIDI keyboard controller. There are also variations that go off the edges of what this shows for 61,76, and 88 keys. There is also a full set of a second design that I prefer to keep secret at this time. Click below to see details.

This is a 49 keyboard set design



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Kenneth David Bryon Webber is an opinionated artist, designer, 3D modeler, animator, musician, and CEO of Plague of Smiles LLC, an art and music company. He worked on avionics for the FA-18 Hornet while in the Marine Corps then left with an Honorable Discharge to pursue a career in the arts. He attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, but only for a short time as a growing brain tumor brought a touch of madness and homelessness. The tumor was discovered late but thanks to the VA, brain surgery, and gamma knife a real life is still salvageable. 2015 brought a heart attack and the installation of a pacemaker/defibrillator. So it's safe to say that Ken has felt many thorns in his pursuit of the roses. Stay smiling!


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