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The Story

Cross off 2008 as a year spent getting ready to undergo brain surgery (highly successful).

I spent 2009 recovering, acquiring computer gear, recording equipment, and software.  In the summer of that year I was unexpectedly laid off.  I sharpened up my 3D modeling and animation skills.  I learned how to record and mix music.  Plague of Smiles is the name I hide and post under (as any long-term Alex Jones fan already knows). 

I placed my music on the Internet. Big yawns. 

In the winter of 2009, Vossloh, North America acquired Global Rail Systems, Inc., my old company, and cash began once more to flow.  Rehired in graphic design/advertising/corporate video, I put Plague of Smiles on the back burner as there was so much more to learn.  I absorbed Dreamweaver, Flash, Hexagon, Carrara 7.0, and GIMP.  I put my paychecks into a kick-ass selection of musical equipment and software.  I took Hollywood Camera Work’s Master Course on High-end Blocking and Staging.  I got busy, both at work and in my off hours at home.  Behind the scenes, Plague began to rise.

Plague is not mainstream music.  It is fully indie.  It is only available online.  The songs come slowly and sporadic as I have little time to record.  There is a balance between the wages I earn at Global Rail and income derived from Plague of Smiles.  When that balance tips in favor of Plague then I will be able to say goodbye to nine-to-five and hello to full-time recording artist.  Therefore the balance of power is now in YOUR hands.  Plague lives and grows when YOU decide to buy a download, buy something, or spread this sonic damage through your network of friends by word of mouth.

I welcome your downloads (Ka-ching).  I welcome your support.  A few favorable words about Plague mentioned to your friends is most appreciated and will definitely put a smile on my face! 

The Plague Doctor

Miscellaneous Postings

A work in progress

07/29/2010 --- For guitar geeks only... I just recently upgraded my main ax. It's a standard white Ibanez. I wanted some color so I contacted Dave at www.fretsonthenet.com and he made me two custom pickup rings, one in green satin the other in crushed magenta, both made from anodized aluminum. I also used the oportunity to switch out my pickups and replaced my stock Ibanez humbuckers with DiMarzio's, a Steve Vai EVO2 model in the bridge and a Joe Satriani FRED model in the neck. I'll post some pics when it's fully done.

Two New Artists

06/11/2010 --- Got two links for you, plague approved. Pomplamoose and Alice Russell. I recommend Pomplamoose for every musician to study their business model and style (it WILL put a smile on your face) and Alice because I was blown away with her voice. Enjoy!